Fuel costs are one of the largest operational expenses for rail transport. The cost of the energy acquisition for one freight locomotive is from $700K to $1,2M per year. To address this problem, OptiRail Ltd. has developed the Smart Automatic Train Operation (SATO®) system.

SATO automatically controls the train, similar to an aircraft autopilot, while reducing energy consumption used for traction by 10 to 25%.

We reduce operating costs, decrease fuel consumption and help preserve the environment for future generations

SATO® is software, which can be integrated into the existing computers or installed on a separate computer of a locomotive with digital control system. The installation of SATO® does not require locomotive design changes or long and costly tests afterward.

OptiRail has extensive experience in this area; previous software developed by OptiRail personnel is operational in over 500 locomotives. SATO® now add adaptability to unique train characteristics and changes in external conditions, as well as significantly improved optimization for fuel efficiency.

An innovative product – with innovative sales options!

We offer customers flexibility in licensing: customers can choose between fixed price licensing, which offers convenience in budgeting, or payment as a share of the energy cost savings enabled by SATO system.


SATO® is a universal automatic control system for freight and passenger trains with electric or diesel traction. Before the installing on the train the SATO® is customized to the class and model of locomotive.

In the customization process, SATO®’s interaction module is optimized for the specific locomotive control system and algorithms and parameters related to differences train driving regulations in different countries are added.

SATO will achieve energy savings up to 25%, with room for further improvement in future generations of the system

SATO® is planned to be fully compatible the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) which will be embedded in European countries railways, which will reduce the need for customization in the future.

OptiRail is dedicated to constant improvement of our SATO® system. We are already developing further advanced algorithms which will further improve the fuel efficiency of locomotives utilizing our system; these updates will be automatically provided to customer on our Savings Sharing plan and as reasonable license upgrades for other existing customers.

OptiRail also provides full support during the installation and training process.


The SATO®The SATO® system uses the EAD-tech® technology, which is designed for the optimal control computation with minimal electric energy (diesel fuel) consumption used for the locomotive traction. EAD-tech® is a set of patented and patent-pending technologies, which allow determination of the actual characteristics of the train and external conditions while the train is in motion, using available information in digital locomotive network:

Use of these and other parameters in control computation allows optimization of train operation based not on averages or general conditions, but on exact current train and external conditions.

Designed to fully optimize fuel expenditures used for locomotive traction

Use of these and other parameters in control computation allows optimization of train operation based not on averages or general conditions, but exactly current train and external conditions.

The optimized operation takes into account velocity limits and traffic signals compliance, as well as safe levels of dynamic forces in the train.


Specialists of our company have more than 10 years experience in the development and embedding of analogous systems on railways. Our specialists were the first in the world to develop the automatic control system performing all computations on the locomotive computers without the need for additional hardware.